GreenSeed edited my 45,000 word novel quickly and comprehensively. Melinda’s comments and suggestions about conventions, word choice, continuity, and organization have improved my document exponentially. Her services were EXACTLY what I needed. Outstanding!

Joe Laturnau, Author, Murderous Moves: A White Knight Investigation

My novel has been published and sales are very good. Per Melinda’s comments, I revised the characterizations of [name and name]. I think it works so much better this way. I thank Melinda for the suggestion and for all of her suggestions.  I am so proud what the novel has become, and it is in large part thanks to Melinda.

Melinda is an amazing editor. She was very thoughtful of the intent of the writing and made normal words sing. She is a great editor and helped me get an A on my final master’s thesis. Couldn’t have done it without her. Punctual, fair, and experienced editor.
Graduate school student

Melinda Ruben of GreenSeed was an absolute joy to work with.  I recently wrote and published my first novel, Kim, and Melinda was my primary editor.  I would not have been able to bring the novel together and create a seamless flow of character development and suspense without her insight.  She not only cleaned up a slew of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes but she also helped shape a work of art and added a unique perspective.  She did not push any edits on to me; rather, she made suggestions that I could either accept or reject.  When you are considering hiring someone to help you with writing, you want to feel like you have a partner – someone who can see things from your point of view but also identify your target audience and help you to see things form their vantage point as well. Melinda did just that.  I look forward to working with her on future works including my second novel.  Thank you, Melinda and GreenSeed for being everything I hoped you would be and more.

A. Lewis - Author, Kim

Melinda has made me a better writer in all respects. I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a B.A. in History and was constantly writing research papers. Knowing that I have Melinda to guide me and help edit drastically decreases my anxiety when writing. She is a perfectionist and has inspired me to be the best I can be. Melinda is an exceptional teacher and a skilled editor.

M.B.A. candidate

I got a 10/10 on the research paper that Melinda and I worked on together. After much struggling, I managed to get an A in the course. I highly recommend GreenSeed Writing & Editing Services.
Speech therapy Master’s degree candidate